Yachiyo Azalea Festival

Celebrate the flowers with music and dancing

Venue: Yachiyo, Chiba, Japan When: Late Apr 2022

If you thought Japan stopped celebrating flowers once the cherry blossom petals begin falling to the ground, you would be wrong. Many cities across the country take time during the spring to appreciate the gorgeous azalea plants. Yachiyo City in Chiba Prefecture held its eighth annual azalea festival this year, and it was quite a hit.

Located right in front of Yachiyo-Chuo Station, the Yachiyo Azalea Festival was bustling with people. Roads were shut down as hundreds of residents filled the streets. There were games and sweets for the kids to enjoy, and crafts and performances for the adults. A wide variety of talent was on display at the festival, including hula dancers, singers, the local high school band, hip-hop dancers and taiko drummers.

With its energetic crowds, great food and fun performances, the Yachiyo Azalea Festival is the perfect place to celebrate springtime.

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Tom Hanaway

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Kim 9 months ago
Azaleas are a definite favorite for me!
Sarah Groberg 7 years ago
Wow, that looks like so much fun! Maybe when I go back to Japan one of these years I will have to attend. :)