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Oshino Ninja Village

Oshino Ninja Village


In Yamanashi prefecture lies Oshino Ninja Village (Oshino Shinobi-no-sato), a place where you can experience all things ninja.

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Rikuzentakata, Iwate

Rikuzentakata, Iwate

Geoff Day

Rikuzentakata (陸前高田) is a coastal city in southern Iwate Prefecture still recovering and facing incredible challenges as a..

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Tetsujin 28 Statue, Kobe 6

Tetsujin 28 Statue, Kobe

Peter Lin

Tetsujin 28, the giant robot in Kobe symbolizes the rebirth of the city of Kobe after the Hanshin Earthquake in 1995 and shall..

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Once-in-a-Lifetime: Kushida Shrine

Once-in-a-Lifetime: Kushida Shrine

JapanTravel Guest

A new perspective is born of a New Year visit at Kushida Shrine, grand tutelary shrine of Hakata, Fukuoka.

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