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Manga, Anime & Games from Japan

The National Art Centre, Tokyo is a large exhibition space which is currently hosting 'Manga, Anime, Games from Japan' which explores different elements which have contributed to the genres throughout the past 25 years. 

Akihabara, an Anime Fairyland

Akihabara is an anime and manga fairyland, an electronic heaven. The streets are lined with anime and manga stores, overflowing with floors upon floors of electronics. It is a special place to experience the heart of anime culture in Japan. The flamboyant streets are filled with "otakus" and people from all over the world, all embarking on an anime pilgrimage and circulating the stores as if to be cleansed by the manga spirits. This is a place you simply have to visit when in Tokyo; soak up and immerse yourself in this special culture of Japan. 

Comiket 85 Convention in Tokyo

Comiket 85, manga and anime convention being held in Tokyo every year, where many people are dressed in different outfits and most of them are eager to pose for photos outside.