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Kagoshima's biggest annual festival returns each November promising traditional dance parades, taiko performances and a whole lot more.
The townsfolk of Kajiki, a town in Aira City, Kagoshima, happily partake in a tradition which reaches back over four-hundred years: the Kumo Gassen (Spider Battles).
The Fumoto Samurai Residences in Kagoshima's Izumi City provides visitors with the opportunity to dress in a kimono, participate in a tea ceremony, and stroll amongst the homes of the samurai warriors of the Satsuma Domain.
Follow a forest trek leading to Jomon Sugi, a magnificent beast of a tree that is 2000 - 7000 years old
This memorial is the closest you can get to the actual wreck of the Battleship Yamato. The museum is small, but the surrounding ocean is beautiful.
Kagoshima: Saigo Takamori is The Last Samurai
Kagoshima City Aquarium is a great way to learn about the area's rich marine heritage.
Japan may be a gold mine for hidden historical gems and local secrets that your average tourist will not stumble upon, but Kanehama Coast in the quaint Takasu fishing hamlet of Kanoya City is a special place.