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Samurai Residences of Izumi

The Fumoto Samurai Residences in Kagoshima's Izumi City provides visitors with the opportunity to dress in a kimono, participate in a tea ceremony, and stroll amongst the homes of the samurai warriors of the Satsuma Domain.

Sengan-En Garden, Kagoshima

Sengan-En is a beautiful, relaxing traditional landscaped garden to the south of Japan's Kagoshima City, which also includes a preserved 17th-century family residence, a historical museum and a glassware factory

Sakamoto Kurozu Tsubobatake

Kagoshima's Sakamoto Kurozu Tsubobatake, a traditional vinegar storage facility and factory shop, is a unique and fascinating sightseeing spot. Visit their museum, purchase some of their products, and enjoy a delicious lunch overlooking fields of huge earthenware jars.