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Meeting Japan's female Ama divers over a delicious seafood lunch with spiny lobster at Hachiman-Kamado, an Ama diver hut in Toba, Mie Prefecture.
Senmaida means “One Thousand Rice Paddies”, but there are over 1,300 terraced paddies of all shapes & sizes cut into the hillside.
South of Ise, just offshore from the village of Futamigaura, are the two symbolic and sacred rocks known as the Meoto Iwa, or "husband and wife rocks".
Visiting the famous Shrines of Ise and enjoying the local lobster delicacy.
The Grand Shrine of Ise comprises two separate shrines, the Naiku and Geku. From ancient times, worshippers would visit the Geku first, then the Naiku.