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Akita Prefecture, which is located in the Tohoku region is one of the few areas with heavy snowfall in Japan. It is known for holding many fascinating traditional festivals during winter. Among the local festivals that are well known throughout the whole of Japan are the Namahage Festival and Yokote Kamakura Festival. During the Namahage Festival, local residents are visited by Namahage, the god that brings cheerfulness which is also the symbol of Akita while during the Kamakura Festival, around 100 Kamakura (igloo-like snow houses) are built across the whole city. Visitors of the Yokote Kamakura Festival will not only be overwhelmed by the dazzling and elegant sceneries, their body and soul will also be warmed through the tender interactions with the locals. Therefore, please enjoy the most heartwarming snowy evening in Akita as visitors are able to experience a different kind of feeling only available here.

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Nyuto Onsen

Nyuto Onsen

Set in a beautiful forest covered mountain, Nyuto Onsen is one place very much worth visiting, and one that is very accessible by public transport, in the heart of Akita Prefecture.

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