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Getaways around Japan

Get outside of Tokyo for a weekend and discover the best that Japan has to offer. Explore some of Japan's top rural prefectures and discover local attractions and natural environments.

Chiba Getaway

Make a trip down to coastal southern Chiba to discover the marine aquarium resort at Kamogawa Sea World. Being right by the ocean, expect a great day out complete with mesmerising sea views! Read more >

Kamogawa Sea World

Experience the oceans like never before

Seafood Market at Ohara Harbor

Shiroyama Park in Southern Chiba

Touring Chiba’s Green Landscape

Yoro Keikoku Valley, Chiba

Wakayama Getaway

The coastal area of Shirahama in southwestern Wakayama offers the perfect escape for a getaway. This resort town offers beautiful white sandy beaches and hot springs, with the Shiraraso Grand Hotel and great option to stay if you want to guarantee a room with an ocean view. Read more >

Shiraraso Grand Hotel

Enjoy a relaxing break at Shirahama Onsen

Gorgeous Sunset at Engetsu Island

Shirahama Beach

Nanki Shirahama's Sandanbeki Cave

Shirahama Onsen Park Sougen no Yu

Nagano Getaway

Located at the entrance of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, make your alpine getaway a memorable one with a stay at Nagano's Kurobe Kanko Hotel. It's perfect all-year-round and great for skiiing in the winter, or mountain climbing in the summer. Read more >

The Kurobe Kanko Hotel

The heart and soul of the northern Japanese Alps

Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

The Ganshoin Temple

Jigokudani Monkey Park

Japan Alpine Tour

Getaways by Map

Explore our map to discover which getaway is best for you. From seaside escapes in Wakayama and Chiba, to alpine adventures in Nagano, GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts can offer the perfect getaway for all types of visitor.