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Taiya Restaurant

Taiya Restaurant serves reasonably priced seafood and sweets in an exquisite old-fashioned Japanese interior. There’s also a garden dating from the Edo period.

Eating in Imabari

The people of Imabari are often said to be impatient, and this is reflected in the way they cook. Consequently, the region has produced some quick but very tasty dishes.

Vintage Train Car Restaurant

Denpun is a tiny, blue and yellow vintage train carriage restaurant on the banks of the Isshite river, situated between Isshitei-ji and Okudogo Onsen. It offers exquisite, fresh, stylish Spanish fusion lunch sets at a very inexpensive rate.

Dogo no Machiya café

Dogo no Machiya is a beautiful café with courtyard gardens and stylish Japanese décor. It’s ideal for breakfast, lunch, or a relaxing sit.