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Terzo Tempo

Terzo Tempo is a small cafe in Kochi City, but is one of those places doing everything right. While keeping a focus on great food, they also make a delightful atmosphere.

La Prima Vorta

La Prima Vorta is one of those restaurants that leaves you feeling like you might not ever experience food like that anywhere else. That experience is Kochitalian!

Masala Restaurant

Masala is an Indian restaurant in Kochi with various locations around the city. If you're in the mood for curry, Masala is a great option.

Kachin'en in Kochi City

Kachin'en is a Chinese restaurant in downtown Kochi City. Great atmosphere and killer fried chicken set this particular store apart from the rest in Kochi.

Ocho 8

Ocho 8 is a lovely cafe with modern comfort brought to an old traditional Japanese house--opposite of what would be expected in such a secluded location in the mountains.