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For the first time in its century-old history, the National Confectionery Expo is being held in Mie Prefecture, from Friday April 21st to Sunday May 14th 2017. Tickets are ¥1,800 for advance reservation and ¥2,000 at the gate. Official website in English:
Ise-Shima National Park in Mie Prefecture is well-known for its legendary Ise Lobster. But, are you brave enough to try Ise Lobster in soft ice cream?
Eat lunch, grilled over an open fire, served in a seaside hut by women dressed as Japanese pearl divers.
Traditional Japanese sweets from the ancient Akafuku store, surrounded by traditional houses, shops and street-side stalls that take the visitor back to the 19th Century.
A local Italian eatery near Toba Station serving up delicious homemade pizza and other Italian food
Just outside of Kuwana City in Mie Prefecture is the Tado Green Farm, opened in 2004, and famed for it’s all you can pick and eat strawberry courses.
Seafood restaurant and bar, Okaeri