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St. Cousair Winery

St. Cousair, an award-winning winery located in northern Nagano Prefecture’s town of Iizuna, is a delightful spot to relax, enjoy gourmet cuisine and fine wines, take a tour of the winery, and, from a cozy setting, view the breathtaking scenery all around. Far from the crowded cities, yet easily accessible from them, the winery, along with its two restaurants, a shop, and a chapel are a popular destination for tourists looking for a nice day out in the countryside.

Cafe Mikado in Karuizawa

Mikado is a famous coffee shop whose speciality is mocha soft serve ice cream. You can it eat it in a cone or in a cup, or in a coffee float (with iced coffee, of course). When served in a cup, mocha soft ice-cream is garnished with a dried Californian prune soaked in a special syrup.