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It has been said that Togakushi is the birthplace of soba. So why not go with the best of them all: the centuries-old, family-run Uzuraya.
Irohado in Nagano's Kinasa Village serve delicious home-made oyaki (stuffed vegetable dumplings) in their beautifully preserved traditional farmhouse.
Karuizawa Chocolate Factory: Buy a box of chocolate as a souvenir, see how chocolate is made, and taste some for free!
Gelato sold at Pure Milk Gelato Nagai farm in Harunire Terrace, Karuizawa, is famous for being made with fresh ingredients and surprising flavors. Pumpkin anyone?!
Haruniré Terrace, in the Hoshino Resort area, is a sweet little boardwalk type area surrounded by the spring cedar trees that are its namesake. There are some lovely
A celebration of basic, healthy ingredients served in delicious ways- a delight for vegans and anyone who enjoys healthy, wholesome foods.
There are many options to choose from, so I usually combine traditional Japanese dishes like rice, tamagoyaki omelette and pickles, and European cuisine like French toast, corn potage soup, and fresh fruit. And the black bread never ceases to astonish me. Overall, a great way to start you day in Karuizawa.
Gen macrobiotic restaurant and cafe near the city art museum, friendly staff, English menu and wonderful food made without meat, fish, dairy, eggs, or refined sugar.