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Have your mochi pounded at breakneck speed by champion mochi-making experts before eating it fresh and warm on the spot.
まぐろ小屋 or Maguro Koya or little tuna house is a hard to notice, tucked away, jam packed Tuna/Fatty tuna belly restaurant which is completely worth the visit if you are in Nara.
Umemori Sushi School and the best sushi instructors imaginable
A huge model railway diorama is set up in Nara near the Todaiji temple, enjoy lunch while taking the wheel of a miniature train
Tasty fish or vegetables on skewers deep fried in batter and eaten with a choice of delicious sauces.
Enjoy crêpes and cappuccino in the global-minded Cafe Wakakusa near Higashimuki Shopping Arcade and Nara Park.