A Virtual Journey of Japanese Craftsmanship

Knives and washi (paper) in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture

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When: Saturday - Mar 6th 2021

Join Japan Travel virtually as we learn from master craftsmen who specialize in traditional knife making and paper (washi) art.

Our next online experience takes us to Echizen in Fukui Prefecture where we will visit two local factories and shops that have opened their doors and their secrets to us to explore for a day!

The event takes place live on Japan Travel YouTube, so click the link before 1:00 pm (JST) on Saturday, March 6th.

Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/257859585900446/
YouTube Live: https://youtu.be/L0nGQYArJKI

We are also going to be offering a few lucky members of our virtual audience a chance to win a few prizes including a high-end and knife from Ryusen Hamono and a set of washi paper art. Just watch the tour and complete our survey to be eligible (must be 18 years and older).

In addition to showing hands-on demonstrations of traditional knife production and washi creation, we will explain the history behind each art, with roots going back as far as 1500 years.

Tour Highlights
13:00 - Opening and Introductions
13:05 - Team A - Introduction and experience with Washi Paper Art
13:15 - Team B - Demonstration and experience with Japanese Knives
13:45 - Team A - Professional Washi demonstration
14:00 - Closing / Question and Answer

We will also talk about the city of Echizen and the beautiful valley where it is located in Fukui Prefecture. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Sébastien Duval 4 months ago
This is a one-time event so I am particularly glad it is free and open to the whole Japan Travel community 👍🏻 Big thanks to the organizers! Also, great explanations in Echizen by travel agents Luca De Pascale and Davide Capretta!
Susan Tumanon 5 months ago
Nice. Thanks for the heads up. Will definitely join the event.
Sleiman Azizi 5 months ago
That's a great cover shot.
Sleiman Azizi 5 months ago
It reminds me, just a little, of some of the shots from the old black & white films like Shinobi no Mono and Throne of Blood. Love that look.
Kim 5 months ago
Looking forward to tuning in for this one!