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Dinosaurs at JR Fukui Station

Detailed replicas of real dinosaurs that move and howl!

Dinosaurs materialized in front of JR Fukui Station! On March 7th 2015, Fukui Prefecture, which proudly calls itself a 'Dinosaur Kingdom', has placed three intricately-reproduced replicas of dinosaurs in front of JR Fukui Station. This is part of their efforts to promote Fukui Prefecture, which neighbors Ishikawa where the New Hokuriku Shinkansen will debut soon (on March 14th). It is hoped many tourists visiting Ishikawa will stop by in Fukui as well. Did you know many dinosaur fossils were found in Fukui? There is a large-scale Dinosaur Museum in Katsuyama City. However seeing the moving and howling replicas in the center of the city is something you can rarely experience. They will be exhibited till the end of 2015. Don't miss witnessing them with your own eyes!

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