Flying Over Harmony Hall Fukui

Aerial spring view of a gorgeous classic concert hall

By Hiroshi Ohnuki    - 1 min read

Harmony Hall Fukui is the well-designed, beautiful classical music concert hall located in Fukui City. It is surrounded by green fields and just coming to this place must be a luxury for big city residents. It has a large main hall, a smaller hall and rehearsal rooms. The main hall has a gigantic pipe organ and once you step inside, a totally different 'classic' world will spread in front of you. This hall was ranked as 21st of the '25 Incredible Concert Halls Around the World' by Twisted in 2012. One day I came here for a classical music concert. While I was enjoying the music inside, my drone flew over the hall and captured the aerial view outside.

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Hiroshi Ohnuki

Hiroshi Ohnuki @hiroshi.ohnuki

I'm a professional photographer and videographer based in Fukui Prefecture. I'm either taking still photography of merchandise at my studio or shooting photos/videos of landscape, people, etc, out in the field upon my clients' request. At the moment, my interest lies in the video shooting using mini drone, and I'd like to share with you here the aerial videos I shot in various places in my hometown Fukui. 私は福井で写真/ビデオスタジオを経営しています。普段はスタジオで各種商品のスチール写真を撮影、もしくは顧客の要望に応じて各地へ赴き、写真・ビデオ撮影を行っています。現在マルチコプターによる空撮に凝っており、私の故郷福井で撮影した各地の空撮映像をジャパン・トラベルの読者にお届けしたいと思います。

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