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Honzui-ji Temple East Annex, Fukui

Stately temple sits next to Fukui's Big Buddha Statue

Honzui-ji Temple is located just next to Koshoji Temple, where Fukui's Big Buddha Statue stands. I thought both of them were the same temple, but in fact there is no connection between the two. Honzui-ji is the East Annex of the Honganji Temple East Annex located in Yoshizaki. Huh? OK, now I'm totally confused, because both of them call themselves as 'Higashi Gobo' or 'Higashi Betsuin', the same name in Japanese! To answer a riddle I checked further, and found out this Honzui-ji is the 'East Annex' of the 'East Annex of Honganji Temple', and they are all connected to the 'East Honganji Temple' in Kyoto! Whew! Anyway, as I visited the temple next door to see Fukui's Big Buddha, I paid a visit to this stately looking temple, too, because the main building looked so gorgeous...how could I resist!

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