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Resurrected Big Buddha of Fukui

Die-hard big statue of Buddha in the center of the city

I have no sense of direction. Not only do I get lost all the time, I don't know which way the sun goes down. Today, it was bright and shiny, so I decided to visit this temple with its statue of a Big Buddha, which had been inviting me for four long years. When I arrived, he greeted me with a serene smile, and with the bright and shiny sun ON HIS BACK! Ah, well!

Originally, this statue was built in the 16th century in Ichijodani Valley where the Asakura Clan reigned. In 1691, the stone statue was moved to the center of Fukui city. However, it was destroyed by the bombings of WWII and a big earthquake after it, so sadly it was rebuilt in 1958 as a bronze statue. The stone face of the original statue survived, and is exhibited at the gate of Koshoji Temple, welcoming visitors.

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