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Ono Castle's Historic Hyakken Slope

The steepest, most arduous hiking trail to the castle!

There are four hiking trails to get to Echizen Ono Castle in Ono city, Fukui. Two of them start at Yanagino Yashiro Shrine grounds. Since it was the shortest trail from where I was, I took Hyakken Slope, which was a mistake! I later found out that Hyakken Slope was the steepest, and thus most unpopular trail of the four. The sign said, "This was the only path leading to the castle in olden times, and was made narrow and steep to protect the castle from enemy attack". I can vouch for it! However, this path is historic, so if you'd like to feel the history with your own legs I'd recommend that you take this path. Don't worry, there are at least steps now to help you get to the castle!

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