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Ono Castle, the Castle in the Sky

Aerial view of the castle surrounded by snowy mountains

Echizen Ono Castle in Fukui Prefecture has become famous as 'The Castle in the Sky' since the release of Hayao Miyazaki's movie, 'LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky'. When mist covers Ono City below, this castle appears to be floating in the sky, thus it's called 'The Castle in the Sky. Unfortunately, this natural phenomenon can only be seen a few times a year between November and April. My drone and I visited the castle just recently, on a sunny day, so we couldn't capture the castle floating in the sky. Instead my drone recorded a clear view of the castle standing on top of the mountain with the beautiful snow-covered Hakusan mountain range in the background.

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Olga 9 years ago
This is spectacular!
Hiroshi Ohnuki Videographer 9 years ago
Thank you Olga-san!
Mandy Bartok 9 years ago
Another great video. Hiroshi-san, you are becoming an excellent ambassador of Fukui!
Hiroshi Ohnuki Videographer 9 years ago
Thank you very much Ms. Mandy. An ambassador? Me? Ha ha, thank you!

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