Restaurant "Umano-Ya" (The Stable)

Rare place where you can eat horse meat in Fukui!

By Takako Sakamoto    - 1 min read

In Fukui, there's a place where you can enjoy eating 'horse meat' IF you'd like to enjoy it... The Japanese restaurant 'Umano-Ya', literary, 'The House of Horses' or 'The Stable' was originally just a restaurant which served tasty Japanese dishes. But when the owner named the restaurant, since his name is '平馬 (heima, peaceful horse?)', he named it after his name, horse. However, whenever customers came, they inquired if the restaurant would serve horse meat or not, and upon learning it didn't, they were disappointed. So, the owner decided to serve horse meat to satisfy customers' expectation! Although I've never tried the horse-meat dishes here (sorry! I'm conservative!), if you'd like to try something unusual or interesting, do come and give it a go! The horse meat here is directly delivered from Kumamoto prefecture, which is famous for horse-meat. Those who'd like to eat conservatively can enjoy various kinds of tasty Japanese dishes here as well! The price is around 3,000 each. Umano-Ya is also open at lunch time.

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