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Chinese Restaurant Fun in Fukui

Authentic & Stylish Chinese restaurant in Fukui City

There aren't many Chinese restaurants in Fukui, at least as far as I know. However, as a big fan of Chinese cuisine I kept searching for a good Chinese restaurant that serves authentic, delicious Chinese dishes. That's how I discovered this Chinese restaurant 'FUN''.

When I first dined here, I was struck by its delicious dishes and asked the owner & chef, 'Have you been trained in China?', since the good Chinese restaurants in Japan that I knew were all run by Chinese owners and chefs. But he unexpectedly said, "I've never lived outside Fukui in my life", to which I exclaimed, "Wow!". One bite is better than hundred words. Do drop in and try out the dishes that melted my mouth! It's open at lunch time from AM11:30 to PM3:00, at dinner time from PM5:00 to PM10:00, and closed on Tuesdays.