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Senkono Ie Village in Fukui

Old thatched-roof house surrounded by beautiful nature

Located in the wooded area of Sakai City in Fukui prefecture, Senkono Ie Village boasts a 1000-year-old House (Senkono Ie in Japanese). This old thatched-roof house once belonged to the Tsubokawa Family, a high-ranking samurai family which had become head of the village about 700 years ago. The house has been preserved since then, and is now a designated important property of Japan. This village is also famous for its beautiful iris garden. In fact that's why I visited the place, but unfortunately only a few iris flowers were blooming. They will bloom fully in mid to late June every year and delight the eyes of all visitors. The entrance fee is 500 yen for adults.

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Terrie Lloyd 8 years ago
What a beautiful location! A one-thousand year old house, surrounded by verdant but sublime gardens -- a perfect harmony of Japanese architecture, aged materials, and scenery. Also, I really love the choice of music -- the Celtic sound is quite inspiring and not at all what you would think would be matched to a series of Japan-related images. But it really works. Very creative clip and now I so want to go to Fukui..!
Takako Sakamoto Videographer 8 years ago
Thank you Terrie for your nice comment! Yes, it was quite a surprise for me too that the Celtic music somehow matched the rural Japanese landscape. As you say it works! And, you are always welcome to visit Fukui, it's a beautiful place!

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