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Takefu Knife Village, Fukui

Cutitng edge tools are a traditional craft here

Takefu Knife Village, located in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, is a studio and museum featuring cutting edge knives. They are proud of their 700-year tradition.

Long ago, a swordsmith came to Takefu from Kyoto. He was looking for water suitable for blacksmithing. He made a sickle for a farmer living there. It made a great stir among the villagers. Since then, Takefu has been a hub for this traditional, cutting edge industry. Nowadays, many owners of traditional industries are worried about the lack of new blood, but here in Takefu, many young successors have been joining in Takefu Knife Village.

Furthermore, these craftsmen are eager to attend exhibitions held overseas. Thus, the name of Takefu Knives is becoming a well-known brand. These excellent kitchen knives manufactured by these very skilled craftsmen are definitely worth purchasing.

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