A Fukuoka Summer at Keya Beach

Fukuoka's top summer resort

By Tristan Scholze    - 1 min read

Fukuoka’s Itoshima Peninsula is famed for its beaches, cafés, and artsy shops, and Keya is the shining jewel of the beaches. Tucked away in a bay lined with green mountains and huge boulders, the scenery compliments the sandy beaches and clear waters. This gives Keya mass appeal for swimmers, sunbathers, and those looking to kick back and take in the atmosphere. The bay is lined with beach houses hosting volleyball, boat rentals, barbecue huts, and more. Every September, Sunset Live, Fukuoka’s largest outdoor concert event, is held here.

芥屋海水浴場—Keya Kaisuiyokujou—Keya Beach

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