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Ninomiya Shrine Summer Festival

Local neighborhood fun in Imajuku, Fukuoka

The 300-year-old Ninomiya Shrine lies along the old Karatsu Highway in Imajuku, part of Fukuoka City. Like at other neighborhood shrines in Japan, a few times a year members of the community gather here in celebration (photos here). The summer festival takes place every July 29 and includes parading portable shrines (similar but smaller than in Hakata Gion Yamakasa), glowing paper lanterns, a ceremonial passing through a ring of reeds known as chinowa-kuguri, stage performances, and food and game stalls. The shrine also features a distinctive lantern along the beach and a large trellised wisteria tree.

二宮神社—Ninomiya Jinja—Ninomiya Shrine
夏越祭—Nakoshisai—Summer Festival

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