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Cafe Mediumtempo

Beach bar and café overlooking Imazu Bay

On the west side of Fukuoka City, as you’re crossing into the countryside and the Itoshima Peninsula, you’ll find Nagatare Beach just a few minutes’ walk north from Imajuku Station. This long stretch of sand is in a residential area, but has a pine grove and large open space at one end called Nagatare Seaside Park for play and picnics. Right in the middle of the crescent strand, easy-to-find and with good views of the bay and Noko Island stands Mediumtempo, along with its team of connected shops, Kaoi Surf, Imajuku Rent-a-Cycle, and Hippo Bakery.

“Not too quick, not too slow” is their motto. Mediumtempo takes up the second floor of the building, and with an entire wall of windows looks out over the beach and calm waters of Imazu Bay. The tasteful interior invites you in with natural lighting and soft bulbs illuminating the crafted woodwork. In the winter, a wood-burning stove warms the café.

Decorations are simple: green plants, original art, and part of their neatly organized design studio for t-shirts and stickers right there in the café. Looking at the plants, besides the standard potted plants, you might notice an interest in hydroponics. Many cute, small, leafy herbs are growing in clear water with no soil. You might even get to taste one if you order certain items. The shirts are high quality and well constructed. They can be purchased online at their website as well. Stickers are located near the register.

The menu is light café fare. “Hot Sand” will get you a hot-pocket toasted sandwich with a few choices of ingredients. The words aren’t a reference to the beach; in fact, I would argue, they’re not English at all but Japanese using romaji, or English letters, and widely understood in Japan to mean sandwiches. Currently, ham and cheese, neopolitan sauce and cheese, oyakodon (chicken and fried egg in a rice bowl—except for here), and sweet banana caramel cheese are all options for hot-pockets. They also have specials. For drinks, there’s a full bar with Japanese lager on tap as well as coffee and soft drinks.

The service is friendly and smart, headed by Akemi Izumi. She partners with her husband, design expert Showichi Yoshida, to make it a family owned and operated café. Say hello, grab a cool refreshing beverage, kick back, and find yourself in a relaxed—but not too lazy—beach mode.

カフェ ミディアムテンポ—Kafe Midiamutempo—Café Mediumtempo
長垂海浜公園—Nagatare Kaihinkouen—Nagatare Seaside Park

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Tristan Scholze Author 9 years ago
Fireworks 8/7! The cafe has a party in conjunction with the Nagatare Beach fireworks display each year.

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