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A bar with hip food, music and atmosphere

Roosta~★ is one trendy bar, if you’re looking for an internationally friendly drinking establishment that still retains it’s Japanese cool, this is the place for you.

Roosta is a small bar with a long counter and a big communal table, but what it lacks in size it makes up for with personality. With a selection ranging from blues to The Beatles, Roosta’s soundtrack is something to be reckoned with. If you have a particular track you want to play, request it! The staff are friendly and always willing to put on your favourite song, even if it requires a YouTube search. The food is also excellent: the guys gave me a few samples of some really amazing Japanese and European food. It’s all handmade, and the quality is superb. The finest details are perfect from the sprinkling of pepper to the arrangement of your rustic platter. I recommend asking the staff about food, as the Roosta team want to showcase the best of Japan’s flavours. So trust in them and your taste buds will thank you!

The drinks are really spectacular and well worth the trip out of the commercialised drinking areas such as Nakasu. Roosta has an enormous selection of spirits, whiskey, bourbon, beer and all the drinks you could ever want. There is no skimping on quality here, but prices aren’t wince-inducing: ¥550 for beer and around ¥650 for cocktails. However, if you do feel like splashing out you could always try an aged whiskey or bourbon, the most expensive being ¥1,300.

I opted for (several) cocktails and a few straight shots, and all where fantastic. I asked Teppei​ Ezaki, the barman, for his recommendation, and each time something new and exciting arrived packed with flavour and a strong kick. There’s real talent and devotion put into the art of cocktail making that really pays off with flavour. It’s great to see the bar’s approach to its craft: they often use in-store-produced goods such as ginger-infused vodka and have unusual beers available.

Roosta is also home to live music. They have bands and artists such as the bar's own Charlie Beans come in and play acoustic sets. So if you’re interested in discovering some emerging Japanese talent, pop down. Even if you miss the live music nights, it’s not hard to get the staff busking away! If you decide you like the staff and their music taste (it’s hard not to), they host a radio show every Sunday at 4 pm called “Wake Up, People” on FM 77.7.

I think what really sets this placed apart is the atmosphere. The staff feel like old friends after just 10 minutes at Roosta, this is by far the most welcoming bar I have been to in Japan. The clientele are laid back, open and really openhearted. The regulars include local girls on a night out, designers, international students, and people who just love music. Roosta has a hip interior with sporadic decorations, fairy lights, awesome artwork and rustic furniture. For a home away from home, good music, good company and a great evening, Roosta makes a great choice. Open 7 pm ’till 3 am, the drinks and conversation here are bound to be flowing.

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Looks like a bar with a great atmosphere! Thanks for sharing with us, Elizabeth.

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