Wisteria at Kawachi Fujien

A dazzling display of colour, light and shade

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Opens exclusively during the wisteria season (mid-April to mid-May) and autumn season (mid-Nov to early Dec) – see official site schedule.

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This has to be one of Fukuoka's best-kept secrets. Over 150 wisteria at Kawachi Fujien come into bloom from the end of April through to early May. It is a truly breathtaking sight, with tunnels, domes and a large wooden trellis draped in flowers. Tucked away in the mountains of Kitakyushu, the garden doesn't receive many foreign visitors, but it's definitely worth making the journey if you have the opportunity. To reach it, take the Nishitestu bus number 56 from JR Yahata station. Get off at Kawachi Elementary School and then walk the last ten or fifteen minutes, passing Ajisa-no-yu onsen along the way.

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