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Suehiro Sake Brewery

A tour of one of the most famous breweries of Tohoku

Aizu is a small city in the hinterland of Fukushima Prefecture. It's mostly known for its prestigious castle and for its samurai tradition that goes back many centuries. Besides these historical attractions this town's sake production is appreciated all over the country. The credit of this fame goes to the Suehiro Sake Brewery.

The history of this factory goes back to 1850 and this family business is now in its eighth generation. They strongly believe on the importance of keeping tradition alive and as such, continue to brew using local ingredients. Water plays an essential role in the process. Here the water is sourced from a spring that resides directly in the basement of the factory itself. The water gushing from the fountain near the entrance is exactly the same they use in their production.

The sake is produced using the Yamahai slow fermentation method and their devotion is awarded almost every year with both national and international prizes. This brewery has innovated with unusual products that range from the sparkling sake to several other derivatives made using the sake itself.

There is a free tour that starts every hour and the guide (in Japanese) will lead you all around the building to show and explain all the phases of the brewing process. Beside the machinery and warehouses there are various rooms with old documents and artifacts related to the history of the place. They even have a small concert hall where they occasionally organise shows .

At the end of the visit you will be also offered a free tasting of different kind of sake. Next to the shop is a charming yet relaxed cafe where you can try special sweets made using the traditional liquor.

Getting there

The factory is located at about twenty minutes walk from the main station. The tourist bus also stops by.

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