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Winter Magic at Tsuruga-jo Castle

Aizu clan fortress proves beautiful in any season

Have you ever been to a castle in a Japan?

I have been to a fare share of castles in Japan and Tsuruga-jo Castle in Aizuwakamatsu is one of the greats.

Castles in the winter have a different feel to them than castles in any another season. Winter just makes castles feel like a wonderland in my opinion. We have insulated coats now but can you imagine what people used to use back in the days to keep warm ?

There is a small stand off to the right side of the Aizu clan's castle where you purchase your tickets. Tickets are 410 yen per adult or 150 yen per child.

The museum as a whole is fairly simple with period artifacts and clothing on display on each floor. My favorite part was getting to the top. You are able to go outside and overlook the city. It is very beautiful during the winter with everything being covered in snow. We were also able to go underground and see the structure of the castle and see how it was built.

I feel like the castle was family friendly. My little nephews were able to enjoy themselves as there were guns from that era that you can hold and play with.

At the end of the trip there is a gift shop full of goodies.

I recommend buying the candles. They are something special from the Aizu region and are a really good present to give to anyone. A cheaper alternative is to buy the 100 yen bottom rounded dolls. They come in two colors (blue and red). No matter how many times you push them. They always come back up. It is supposed to resemble not giving up. They are another great present from Fukushima.

Lastly, Next to the gift shop there is a small room where you can shoot a gun from that era into a digital screen. Behind that room there is another set of rooms where you can see how one lived within the castle.

I definitely recommend visiting regardless of the season. It is truly a wonderful experience.

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