Fastest Hike Up a Mountain Ever?

It's Mini Mii - Mt. Mii in Kakamigahara, Gifu

By Michelle Ishiki    - 1 min read

I thought Mt. Mii (三井山) in Kakamigahara should be called Mini Mii. The hike up only took 15 minutes. Its size didn’t diminish the experience though. At the top the only thing I could hear were the trees being lashed around by strong westerly wind. The view was surprisingly impressive. Across the way Gifu Castle was just a dot on top of Mt. Kinka, and much further off in the distance the mountain range of Shiga Prefecture loomed over Gifu City. “There really used to be a castle up here on this small piece of land?” The thought crossed my mind while I sat taking in the absence of the sounds of civilization.

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Michelle Ishiki

Michelle Ishiki @geminimoai

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