Statue of Hachiko & Hidesaburo Ueno (cropped) (Photo: Manish Prabhune / CC BY 2.0)
Statue of Hachiko & Hidesaburo Ueno (cropped) (Photo: Manish Prabhune / CC BY 2.0)
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Bunkyo City Ward - Landmarks & History

Yesterday with a touch of today


An amazing mix of the old and the new, Bunkyo City Ward keeps nipping away at the visitor with its modern energy, traditional downtown shitamachi culture and deeply rooted heritage. Here is an introduction to just some of the landmarks and historical sites of Bunkyo and how to reach them.


Famous the world over among the martial sports, the Kodokan International Judo Center is the home of modern judo. A solid structure of eight floors, practice is held here every day as judo players strive to perfect their technique. Fans and curious onlookers are free to enter and observe practice or browse the museum and library.

A 3-minute walk from Korakuen Station on the the Marunouchi and Namboku lines.

Sekiguchi Bashoan

Home to where the celebrated haiku master Matsuo Basho once lived for a few years, Sekiguchi Bashoan lies within the beautiful Higo Hosokawa Garden right by the Kanda River. Gingko trees, plum blossoms and a small pond add a sense of aesthetic calm to an otherwise surprising sense of the wild.

A 6-minute walk from Waseda Station on the Toden Arakawa Line.

Statue of Hachiko & Hidesaburo Ueno

Over eighty years after their passing, the world famous Hachiko and his owner, Hiesaburo Ueno were finally reunited in this joyous monument. Located on the grounds of the University of Tokyo, the statue commemorates the much cherished ideal of loyalty. The faces of the much loved Akita canine and his university professor owner are beautifully expressive.

A 4-minute walk from Todai-mae Station on the Namboku Line.

Tokyo Dome City

A massive entertainment complex that is home to the famous Yomiuri Giants baseball team, Tokyo Dome City is also an incredible amusement park, a shopping & dining centre, and is home to one of Tokyo's very own natural hot spring resorts. The 'city' also hosts the most impressive TeNQ Space Museum.

A 2-minute walk from Suidobashi Station on the JR Chuo Line.

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Elena Lisina 3 years ago
Tokyo Dome City is one of my most favorite places of Tokyo! Always lots of fun there!
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Yes, I think I remember your articles about it :D
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