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Spa LaQua in Tokyo

A very nice place to relax and recover

Onsen towns are spread all throughout Japan, but you will also find spa and public baths in the centre of Tokyo. One such place is Spa LaQua located in the entertainment complex known as Tokyo Dome City.

Spa LaQua is on the 6th floor
Spa LaQua is on the 6th floor

Spa LaQua uses natural spring water raised from a depth of 1700 metres. Water from such depths are said to offer healing effects as well as relaxation. The price for a visit may seem high - ¥2850 for adults and ¥2052 for children aged between 6 and 17 years (children must be accompanied by an adult), but after spending time here you feel that it was worth it!

Spa LaQua is arranged in the same way as any other spa or onsen. First, you have to remove all your clothes and leave them in a locker. Then it's off to the showers - all stocked with the necessary toiletries. After washing your body, you're then free to use the hot spring baths.

The baths are really beautiful. There are indoor baths, sauna and, of course, the outdoor baths which I enjoy the most. By the bath a is a mall garden with arranged stones and the sound of the running water is soothing.

Outdoor baths
Outdoor baths

The water temperature of the baths vary from body temperature (36C) to very hot (50 C). Changing temperature is recommended. Of course, how long you stay in the bath depends on the individual and each person’s health. There also may be some restrictions for people with certain health issues such as high blood pressure or heart problems. But even for healthy people staying in a hot bath too long is not recommended. It’s better to alternate between bathing and relaxing out of the bath.

While numerous onsen allow guests with tattoos, many more don’t and Spa LaQua is one of them. Spa LaQua is open from 11 am till 9 am, the next day, though staying overnight does require some additional charges. Please check the official website for more details.

Spa LaQua advertisement
Spa LaQua advertisement

Getting there

Tokyo Dome City is a 1-minute walk from Suidobashi Station on the JR Chuo Line. Spa LaQua is on the 6th floor.

More info

Find out more about Tokyo Dome City.

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