Whether you are checking train schedules, looking for a fun place to eat, or updating your social media with your adventures, the internet is an indispensable asset while traveling. Historically, finding free Wi-Fi in Japan was difficult as there were few options. Fortunately, this is no longer the case, and Japan now offers free Wi-Fi at a number of easily accessible locations, including convenience stores, cafes, airports, and train stations. For now, let's focus on Japan’s popular convenience stores and cafes.

Convenience stores (konbini)

Convenience stores, called konbini in Japanese, are staples of everyday Japanese life. These upscale mini-marts offer everything from quick snacks to premade bento boxes and are helpful spots for busy city folks and travelers alike. The country is home to over 50,000 konbini, with Tokyo having shops on seemingly every corner. Thanks to their widespread outreach and free Wi-Fi, convenience stores are a perfect place to connect to the internet and refuel with a fun Japanese snack. Below are Japan’s most popular konbini chains that offer free Wi-Fi.


Lawson (Photo: Tom Roseveare / JT)

Lawson is one of Japan’s main three convenience store chains and has locations throughout the country from northern Hokkaido to southern Kagoshima. Be sure to try its popular fried chicken!

  1. To access Lawson’s free Wi-Fi, first, connect to the “LAWSON_Free_Wi-Fi” network
  2. Then, open your web browser and follow the instructions displayed on the screen
  3. If you are accessing the internet for the first time, you will have to enter your email address and agree to Lawson’s terms and conditions

Lawson allows users five 60-minute sessions per day. Please note that Wi-Fi is not available at all stores.

Instructions for Lawson’s free Wi-Fi

Find a Lawson store that offers free Wi-Fi


FamilyMart (Photo: Family Mart ファミリーマート – jpellgen (@1179_jp) / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

FamilyMart is equally ubiquitous as Lawson and offers a wide variety of pre-made meals, sandwiches, sweets, and coffees.

  1. For first time Wi-Fi users, first, connect to the “Famima_Wi-Fi” network
  2. Then, open your web browser and click, “Register as a first-time user”
  3. Input your email address and create a password to establish a temporary account (this account will last 24 hours. If you want to connect again, you will have to create another account)
  4. To establish a permanent account, go to your email. You will receive an email from “member@family-wifi.jp” to complete your registration

FamilyMart allows users three 60-minute sessions per day. Please note that Wi-Fi is not available at all stores.

Instructions for FamilyMart’s free Wi-Fi

Find a FamilyMart that offers free Wi-Fi

Mini Stop

MiniStop (Photo: Lombroso / CC BY-SA 4.0)

Although less common than Lawson and FamilyMart, Mini Stop is still a well-known chain with nearly 2,000 stores throughout Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. Mini Stop’s soft-serve ice cream made with Hokkaido milk is a popular product!

At select Mini Stop locations, you can connect to Softbank Wi-Fi. These hotspots are marked with Softbank’s Wi-Fi logo.

  1. To connect, first set your roaming network to “Softbank” (your device must support WCDMA and international service)
  2. Then call the toll-free number *8180 (for English). You will receive a password and verbal guidance
  3. Then, go to a Mini Stop hotspot, select the “.FREE_Wi-Fi_PASSPORT” network
  4. Enter your phone number (including country code) and password to connect. You will also have to enter your gender and age group if you are a first-time user.

Softbank has about 400,000 free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Japan, including hotels, stations, fast food restaurants, cafes, and more. The Wi-Fi service lasts two weeks. After your session expires, you can repeat the registration process for another two weeks.

Instructions for SoftBank’s free Wi-Fi at Mini Stop

Find Softbank hotspots

7-Eleven (Free Wi-Fi Discontinued)

7-Eleven (Photo: Noriko Duck / JT)

IMPORTANT: As of March 31, 2022, 7-Eleven discontinued its free Wi-Fi offering, “7SPOT.”

Cafes and fast-food restaurants

Cafes and fast-food restaurants are perfect spots to enjoy a quick meal or relax with a cup of coffee. Below are Japan’s most common chains that offer free Wi-Fi.


Starbucks (Photo: osaka starbucks – kmf164 / CC BY-SA 2.0)

Starbucks is internationally renowned for its coffee house charms and is a popular spot to grab a small meal and specialty beverage. Connect to the coffee shop's free Wi-Fi as you refuel with caffeine.

  1. First, connect to the “at_STARBUCKS_Wi2” network
  2. Then, open your browser and click “Connect”
  3. Accept the Terms of Use to complete the connection

Wi-Fi sessions last 60 minutes. Afterward, you will have to log in again.

Instructions for Starbucks’ free Wi-Fi

Find a Starbucks that offers free Wi-Fi


Tully's (Photo: TULLY's COFFEE. – MIKI Yoshihito / CC BY 2.0)

Tully’s is a relatively recent coffee chain in Japan, with its first store opening in 1997. Today, there are approximately 700 shops throughout the nation. The pleasant shop sells a variety of coffees and cakes, as well as savory dishes perfect for breakfast or lunch.

  1. First, connect to the “tullys_Wi-Fi” network
  2. Then, open your browser, click “Connect to the internet,” and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Please note that Wi-Fi is not available at all stores. Look for Tully’s stores with “tullys_Wi-Fi” stickers.

Instructions for Tully’s free Wi-Fi

Find a Tully’s that offers free Wi-Fi


McDonald's (Photo: 2 Chome Senninchō, Hachiōji-shi, Tōkyō-to 193-0835, Japan - panoramio (21) – 運転太郎 / CC BY 3.0)

McDonald’s needs no introduction. This fast-food chain is recognizable around the globe. In addition to its economically priced meals, you can also take advantage of its free Wi-Fi.

  1. First, connect to the “00_MCD-FREE-WIFI” network
  2. Then, open your browser and click “Agree” for the Terms of Use.

Free Wi-Fi is available for 60-minutes per session. Free Wi-Fi is only available at McDonald’s stores with “Free Wi-Fi” stickers.

Instructions for McDonald’s free Wi-Fi

Find a McDonald’s that offers free Wi-Fi

Connect to thousands of hotspots with convenient apps

Photo: siriwat sriphojaroen / Shutterstock.com

It may seem cumbersome to log in to different Wi-Fi networks multiple times. Fortunately, the following apps streamline this process. Once you install the apps and register as a user, they connect you to thousands of hotspots without you needing to re-enter your information.

Please note that the below apps use and collect GPS/location data to provide their services, which can affect the battery life of your phone. It is also worth mentioning that these apps can be finicky sometimes, so please consider the pros and cons before downloading.

Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect

Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect is a tool that automatically connects you to thousands of hotspots throughout Japan. Simply install the app and register as a user. Check out the list of participating locations.

Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi

Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi is a sister app to Japan Wi-Fi auto-connect. This app also connects you to a multitude of hotspots but requires manual action to do so. Some Wi-Fi hotspots only support Japan Connected Free Wi-Fi, so use both apps if necessary (Android and Apple).

Travel Japan Wi-Fi

Travel Japan Wi-Fi is similar to the previously mentioned apps, in that it automatically connects you to Wi-Fi hotspots once you register on the app (Android and Apple).