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Lawson Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi around Japan

Lawson revamped their free Wi-Fi service back in June 2015, to provide a new and improved service with simpler access. Great news for foreign tourists.

Previously access was limited to Ponta card users, requiring traversal of a complex registration process and then installation of the official Lawson app to validate membership each time the user's smartphone connected to a Lawson hotspot. Not just inaccessible to most users but also out of reach to most foreign tourists.

Step forward the relaunched service, available to all mobile device users who visit Lawson. Just connect to "LAWSON_Free_Wi-Fi", open your browser and connect – it's as easy as that. If using for the first time, you'll need to leave your e-mail address and agree to terms but this then becomes valid for a whole year.

The service allows for sessions of up to 60 minutes up to 5 times a day, and virtually any device/laptop with access to wireless LAN and equipped with a browser will be able to access the service quickly and conveniently.

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