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UnionPay in Japan

How to access your funds at Lawson

Any traveler in possession of a UnionPay debit card can now withdraw cash from a Lawson ATM.

Japan as a Cash Culture

Japan has long been known as a cash-only society. While more and more hotels, restaurants and stores are beginning to accept payments via credit card, a large number of traditional Japanese inns (ryokan), cultural experiences, eateries (from local shops to high-end ryotei) and shops still continue to conduct business only in cash. Especially when travelling to Japan's more rural regions, it's wise to be prepared to pay with Japanese Yen.

Withdrawing Money At Lawson ATMs

Thanks to the recent agreement, UnionPay customers can now conveniently use UnionPay-marked Lawson ATMs to withdraw Japanese Yen. The process itself is easy, as detailed in the steps below, and can be done in either English, Chinese or Japanese:

1. Select the "取引開始" button to begin your transaction

Photo: Lawson

2. Insert your card

Photo: Lawson

3. Select your preferred language and follow the instructions on-screen

Photo: Lawson

4. Please wait while your transaction is processed

Photo: Lawson

5. Retrieve your card and receipt

Photo: Lawson

6. Obtain your cash

Photo: Lawson

What Can I Buy At Lawson?

Lawson is almost a one-stop shop for nearly all of life’s needs. These compact convenience stores hide an astonishing variety of goods within their aisles. The selection of foods packaged for takeaway is extensive, ranging from full bento meals to simple rice balls. The staff will be happy to heat up your bento meal, should you want to consume it soon after purchase. Multiple types of pre-packaged snacks and sweets are available in store, with the specific brands varying by region and individual store. Top off your meal with a bottled drink - you'll be spoiled for choice with the range of coffee, tea, juice, milk and various waters. A number of stores even offer various donuts on the premises, perfect for breakfast or a light meal, when paired with a hot cup of just-made coffee. While the products may vary from shop to shop, you can be sure to find something to assuage your appetite no matter what branch you visit.

Photo: Lawson

Lawson Services

With over 11,000 stores scattered about the archipelago, travelers will never find themselves far from a Lawson. The Lawson company has been an industry leader in the introduction of revolutionary products and services for their customers, with a new product debuting on the shelves on an almost weekly basis.

Lawson is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and the ATMs are accessible from 12:10am to 11:50pm every day.

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