Lovely Italian: Restaurant Calma

Delicious fresh pasta at a new restaurant in Isesaki

By Akio Negishi    - 3 min read

I have wanted to take my family to the restaurant, Calma, for a long time, and finally I did it on last weekend as birthday party to enjoy Pasta! We ordered “Tomato based basil pasta with Mozzarella cheese”, “Neapolitan pasta on kid’s plate” and “Seafood pasta with seasonal vegetables.” They were so good, and we had a great time there.

Do you know Gunma is famous for noodles? This is because Gunma has relatively huge land for farming, and we are growing wheat with big amount, so if you like pasta or any other noodles, Gunma is good choice to have good ones. There are many pasta restaurants in Takasaki city, or Maebashi city, but Calma is one of the good and new stores in Isesaki city opened in July, 2010.

The reason that I knew this restaurant was I was introduced by my business acquaintance. I’m dealing with organic vegetables in the wholesale trade, and one of the farmers provides their organic vegetables to this restaurant. Therefore, I was pretty sure that the restaurant uses safe and delicious food for their dishes.

The restaurant is located on just one street south of Isesaki athletics stadium in Kezouji Amusement park. It is a little difficult to find the place along the narrow street. They have 26 seats in the store, and all non smoking in a day time, separation of smoking areas (about 8 seats) at dinner time. I don’t like the smell of smoke, so I prefer to go there during lunch time. The each pasta is good for female, not too big quantity, but they offer value sets, and it is nice including seasonal salad and dessert. They also have kid’s plate for smaller quantity with cheaper price. It is available to book the restaurant for your private party as well over the phone.

Although it’s crowed and there were few staffs keep us wait for a bit long on that day, the food was so good to forget the frustration. It is a good place to visit for couples or family members. I recommend you to visit there combine with Kezouji Amusement Park. The best time to visit there is the end of March to middle of April to see Cherry blossoms in the park. Why don’t you enjoy watching Cherry blossoms and doing some exercise, and then having delicious fresh pasta at Calma.

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Akio Negishi

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