Tenjindaira Ski Resort

Riding down the slopes of Tanigawadake

By C. Rio    - 1 min read

When all of the other Minakami area ski resorts are tracked out and you're forced back on to groomed slopes, there is one resort that still has fresh powder.  Rapidly changing weather patterns and high velocity northern winds from Niigata are both a blessing and a curse for Tenjindaira ski resort. Although this resort gets a great deal of snow, bad weather leaves near zero visibility, and high winds often close lift access.  As a result, days after storms pass, there is still fresh lines to be had. There is also a huge area of backcountry possibilities, making this a local favorite. 

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C. Rio

C. Rio @matthew.shewchuk

Based out of Minakami, where I work as a canyoning guide.  I love hiking and am always looking to the skies for good weather.