Warm sake is known as kanzake (Photo: Miyatomo / CC BY 2.1 JP)
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Hiroshima Kanzake Festival

Enjoy warmed sake at Hiroshima Castle

Venue: Hiroshima Castle When: Late Mar 2024

Warm sake is referred to as kanzake, and the process of heating the beverage is said to bring out a depth of flavor that you may not notice when it's served cold. If you'd like to try some kanzake for yourself, the Hiroshima Kanzake Festival is a great place to start!

This year's event will see 20 different breweries participating - a huge increase from two last year. Don't worry if you prefer your sake cold, as they'll have plenty of that on hand, too.

Getting there

The Hiroshima Kanzake Festival takes place at Hiroshima Castle.

If you're visiting via public transport, the castle is a ten minute walk from Kamiyacho-Nishi or Kamiyacho-Higashi tram stops. From Hiroshima Station, take tram line 1, 2, or 6, and the ride is approximately 12 minutes.

There is also the Hiroshima Sightseeing Loop bus available from Hiroshima Station. Take either the orange or the yellow bus route, and the ride time from Hiroshima Station to the castle is approximately 6 minutes.

More info

Find out more about Hiroshima Castle.

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Sherilyn Siy 4 years ago
Cool venue for the festival.
Kim Author 4 years ago
Hard to beat a castle for added charm!
Sleiman Azizi 4 years ago
I don't know about the sake but those flasks look amazing.
Kim Author 4 years ago
They are awesome, right? Big fan of cool pottery!

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