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Mibu no Hana Taue

Kita-Hiroshima's annual rice-planting ceremony

Venue: Mibu, Kitahiroshima, Yamagata District, Hiroshima 731-1515, Japan When: Early Jun 2024

Mibu no Hana Taue is a traditional rice-planting ritual performed in Northern Hiroshima on the first Sunday of June. It was awarded UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage status in 2011.

Hana Taue originated from around 1400 and the festival is held to offer prayers for a good harvest and work safety, creating a meeting place between men and women, and even to introduce new family members such as brides and bridegrooms.

This unique celebration blesses the year ahead for a bountiful harvest; this further pertains to relationships and other avenues of life. It's a truly historical Japanese experience where one can feel the age of tradition surrounding them.

Getting there

This festival is held across many rice fields in Mibu, Hiroshima.

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