Mibu no Hana Taue

Mibu no Hana Taue

Early Jun

This event features song, dance, and costumed cows and is held on the first Sunday of June. It was awarded UNESCO Intangible Cultural..

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Tondo Festival

Tondo Festival

Mid Jan

Annual festival held around January 15th all across the country to burn old talismans and charms and pray for good luck in the year..

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Hiroshima Food Festival

Hiroshima Food Festival

Late Oct

This festival is a food-lovers paradise, showcasing local food and drink from all 23 cities and towns across Hiroshima Prefecture...

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Hiroshima Umeshu Festival 2012 12

Hiroshima Umeshu Festival 2012

The Hiroshima Umeshu Festival is an annual event held at the beginning of October, celebrating the plum wine-making tradition in..

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