Hiroshima Umeshu Festival 2012

Celebrating plum wine from across the country

By Emmie Tsumura    - 1 min read

The Hiroshima Umeshu Festival was held at the beginning of October 2012, celebrating the plum wine-making tradition in Japan. The festival showcases plum wines from all across the country, competing in three main categories: Sake, Sho-chu, and Brandy-based Umeshu. There is also another category for specialty fruit wines and other liqueurs. For just 1500 yen, or 1000 yen in advance, it’s a four-hour, all-you-can-drink event where participants can indulge in more than 100 different kinds of plum wine. Much like the craft beer festival, this is an exciting, fun event that promises to get bigger and bigger every year.

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Emmie Tsumura

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