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Hiroshima Food Festival

A massive two-day eat-up. Stretch pants required.

By Emmie Tsumura    - 1 min read
Venue: Around Hiroshima Castle When: Late Oct 2021

Hiroshima holds a huge two-day food festival at the end of October every year.

Hiroshima loves to eat, and this gathering is a chance for the entire prefecture to get together and do just that. It is a food-lovers paradise, showcasing local food and drink from all 23 cities and towns across the prefecture.

The festival spreads out across the entire area of Chuo Park and the area surrounding Hiroshima Castle.

Okonomiyaki, yakisoba, local beef, oysters, yakitori, ramen, curry, ice cream, beer, sake, wine – anything that can be made at a food stall will be there.

Once you've taken in just about all you can, there is also a market, kagura dance performances, and musical acts to keep you entertained.

This is a fun, all-ages event that you don’t want to miss! Admission is free – you just pay for what you eat.

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Emmie Tsumura

Emmie Tsumura @emmie.tsumura

Living and working in downtown Hiroshima for the past seven years. When I'm not writing or teaching, I'm taking photos or foodspotting. My travel style: I like the night - I like the day. I try and hit all the big sightseeing spots, but making a connection and learning about the people is the most important thing for me. I tend towards things slightly off the beaten path, and will travel for food. My life in Hiroshima has been one serendipitous moment after another. Cheers and hope you have a great time in Japan!

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Sherilyn Siy a year ago
The spicy noodles almost look like pasta.
Kim a year ago
Haha...I loved the "stretch pants required" part!
Elena Lisina a year ago
What a fun! I'd like to taste as many as I can! :D
Chantelle Silva 7 years ago
Emmie your photos are glorious! Love that one of the mini-octopus... Hope it tasted good!