Sera Kogen Dahlia and Chrysanthemum Festival

Colorful blooms as far as the eye can see

Sep 12th
Oct 25th
Venue: Sera Kogen Farm and Flower Village, Hiroshima When: Sep 12th - Oct 25th 2021

For those who appreciate autumnal blooms, Hiroshima's Sera Kogen Farm and Flower Village is home to an annual dahlia and chrysanthemum festival from mid-September through until late October. It's one of Japan's biggest events for these flowers, with approximately 7500 dahlia and 12,000 chrysanthemums in a range of varieties to enjoy. The total flowering area is around 15,000 square meters, ensuring that visitors are treated to flowers as far as the eye can see.

Like all flower festivals, the dates can differ slightly from year-to-year depending on blooming conditions. Be sure to check the official event website before your visit to ensure the flowers will be at their best.

Getting there

The Sera Kogen Farm and Flower Village is located approximately a 25 minute drive from the Miyoshi IC on the Chugoku Expressway, around 40 minutes from the Kawachi IC of the Sanyo Expressway, and around 50 minutes from the Saijo IC, also on the Sanyo Expressway. Free on-site parking is available.

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Elena Lisina 8 months ago
Only one of my visit occured in September and I regret I didn't know much about flower festivals then! I love kiku!
Elena Lisina 8 months ago
Thanks! I hope, too, but this pandemia seems to be longer than all could expect.