Unko Museum Hiroshima

Have a laugh at this limited-time, poop-themed museum

Jul 17th
Sep 12th
Venue: Marina Hop Mermaid Space, Hiroshima When: Jul 17th - Sep 12th 2021

For a limited time, Hiroshima will be saying hello to a museum event like no other - the Unko Museum. Following in the footsteps of other Unko Museum pop-ups in Yokohama, Tokyo, Shanghai, and Fukuoka, the event will showcase all things poop in an entirely different light. From an unko volcano that shoots out mini poops, through to photogenic areas set up with glittering turds (perfect for the Instagrammers out there!), this is a unique addition to any summer calendar.

Tickets are priced at 1500 yen for adults and 1000 yen for children, but they can be purchased in advance online at a slight discount of 100 yen.

Getting there

The Unko Museum in Hiroshima takes place at the Marina Hop Mermaid Space, which can be accessed by bus from Hiroshima Station. Take the Hiroden Bus #3 until you reach the dedicated stop for Marina Hop - the travel time is just under 40 minutes.

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Kim @kim.b

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Lynda Hogan a month ago
Haha! Just love these type of random exhibits. To date the Grossology one has been our favourite, but we haven't seen the unko ones... yet!!
Elizabeth S a month ago
Grossology, yeah!

Next time there's a "kimo-kawaii" creepy-cute exhibition, I want to go.