Dining at Hot Spring Lodge Daiichi

A winter onsen retreat with tasty local eats

By Kim B    - 1 min read

Hot Spring Lodge Daiichi is located in Hokkaido's Shibetsu District, and offers pleasant accommodations with on-site open air onsen facilities. One of the best things about a stay here has to be the food on offer, which is plentiful and delicious.

Dinner was served kaiseki (multi-course) style and featured a range of different local produce, with seafood being a staple in many of the dishes. Breakfast involved a buffet with Western options like french toast and cereal, through to Japanese offerings including sashimi and pickled vegetables.

During breakfast there's also a mochi pounding event held in the lobby area, where you can attempt to pound the mochi yourself. It's then served up for guests to enjoy.

Getting there

Hot Spring Lodge Daiichi is located approximately a 30 minute drive from Hokkaido's Nakashibetsu Airport.

The closest train station is Isobunnai Station on the Senmo Main Line. Do note that from the station, the lodge premises is still approximately a 30 minute taxi ride away.

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