Hokkaido: Asahiyama Zoo in Summer

Many cute animals for you to make friends up close

 By Somrak Bhakdisuparit   Feb 28, 2014

Asahiyama Zoo is an interesting place to visit near Asahikawa. It is a place you can go spend an entire day without getting bored. It's more popular in winter as there is a special penguin parade show. However, in summer, this place is not any less fun to visit. Aside from the many animals (both local Hokkaido species and animals from around the world), the key highlight of this place is the many interesting and up close ways you can interact with the animals that are unlike any other zoos.

Photography by Somrak Bhakdisuparit
Japan Travel Member

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Suzanne Dang 3 years ago
Great post! The penguins are so adorable!
Somrak Bhakdisuparit Photographer 3 years ago
@Shih Ting Lee don't forget to post your pixs on here for us to admire ; )
Shih Ting Lee 3 years ago
Thank you so much Somrak. Let's "ganbatte" together! Haha :)
Somrak Bhakdisuparit Photographer 3 years ago
He reminds me of a naughty character in Happy Feet, but I can't recall the name.
Patcharii A. 3 years ago
I like the little penguin. He looks kinda naughty indeed :) Hahahaaa