La Laiterie Nakashibetsu

Yoghurt Gelateria in Hokkaido's Milk Town

 By Amanda Ho   Dec 6, 2016

Opened in the 1990's, La Laiterie Nakashibetsu is a small cosy cafe serving fresh hand-made yogurt products in Nakashibetsu. A one minute drive from Nakashibetsu airport, this is a good place to chill and relax while waiting for flights or on the way home from the airport.

Using fresh milk from Nakashibestu, a town known for its dairy products, the yogurt products are freshly made and range from yogurt drinks, yogurt ice cream, yogurt gelato to non-yogurt items like coffee, toast and dumplings. Be sure to try their specialty block cheese made from the area’s milk. There are seasonal products as well like rhubarb jam in September. Delivery within Japan is also possible.

Photography by Amanda Ho
Japan Travel Member

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Olga Kaneda 10 months ago
Looks nice! I'd like to eat some rhubarb jam :)
Amanda Ho Photographer 10 months ago
I bought some home. It's nice!