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Natulux Furano

Relax and unwind at Natulux Furano

If I hadn’t spoken to the manager, Ishihira-san, of Natulux Furano, I would never have guessed that the hotel has been in the industry for 80 years. When Ishihira-san took over the hotel as the 4th generation owner, they revamped the entire hotel to suit two concepts: “natural” and “luxurious,” giving rise to the name Natulux, and the hotel's modern, swanky interior.

Of all the hotels I have visited in my 1-month stint in Hokkaido, this is certainly one of the most luxurious and comfortable stays. I was thrilled at check-in when the receptionist offered me some aroma oils for the aroma lamp in my hotel room. I chose lavender for obvious reasons (Furano is famous for its lavender fields in summer). The scents really created a soothing atmosphere in during my stay.

The hotel rooms are furnished in a dark woody theme with clean white walls. I was very impressed by the range of toiletries provided. Other than the usual toothbrush and shaver, they had a bar of natural mangosteen soap, hair turban and cotton pads, in line with the stated aim of the hotel - to allow their guests to fully relax.

On the first floor, in the Relax Spa, the hotel has a public bath and a hot stone bedrock (exclusively for women). Even though the bath is small, dipping in it at the end of a long day sure relaxes the muscles and prepares for a great sleep after. An hour lying on the Hot Stone Bedrock allows you to unwind while your body purges out toxins through your perspiration.

Also, the hotel’s resident restaurant, Natural Dining, offers a luxurious breakfast for its hotel guests. Guests can choose from 2 options: Western or Japanese. All its foods are produced in Hokkaido and are absolutely fresh and delicious. Every breakfast set also comes along with a bottle of nutritious unprocessed milk from Furano.

In terms of its location, Natulux Furano is unbeatable, being just right by JR Furano and close to many delicious restaurants in Furano. There is a great sushi restaurant called Fukuzushi where they specialise in huge sushi just right behind the hotel. Various sweets shops, plenty of Yakiniku restaurants and izakayas and the well-known Furano Marche are all within walking distance from the hotel.

In winter, there are free shuttle buses to the ski area near Furano Prince hotel and in summer, tour buses such as the Twinkle Bus go around in summer from the JR station. Car rental is also available at the JR station, which is probably the best way to tour Furano.

Natulux Furano also offers large condominiums to fit large families. The condominiums come with a kitchen, a washing machine and a spacious living room, guaranteed to make you feel like home away from home.

I would not hesitate to stay at Natulux Furano again the next time I will be in Furano. Apart from the modern, classy interior, the staff and manager’s hospitality simply blew me away.

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