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Serving the Tokachi region of Hokkaido, Tokachi Obihiro Airport is a natural gateway to the central area of the island. The city of Obihiro is only around 15 miles from the airport and is known for its colorful gardens and hot springs, such as the renowned Tokachigawa Onsen. Locals and visitors enjoy soaking in these mineral-rich spas which are called "medicine water" by the indigenous Ainu people.

Obihiro is also known for horses and Banei horse racing is a popular attraction that can be seen regularly at Obihiro Racecourse. Ikeda Wine Castle, the birthplace of Tokachi wine, is a beautiful location with stunning views of the Hidaka Mountains. Tours are available which provide a great opportunity to experience the local produce — the sparkling wine being particularly popular.

For those with a sweet tooth, JR Obihiro Station area has a plethora of stores that focus on putting the local high quality dairy produce to good use. In fact, Tokachi is known as "Sweets Kingdom" and establishments such as Tokachi Tottepo Factory, Tokachino Fromage, and Rokkatei Obihiro Honten are, essentially, a paradise for sweet lovers.

Obihiro also plays host to some beautiful natural scenes that can be experienced first hand at Midorigaoka Park, Lake Shikaribetsu, Manabe Garden, and Shichiku Garden. With startling vibrancy, the gardens, parks, and lakes of the Obihiro area come alive and can be enjoyed particularly in spring and autumn.

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